Join The Evolution

Join The Evolution


[embed][/embed] We’re thankful you’re here and interested in the journey toward joining the evolution. The evolution of what, you ask?

The evolution of how chiropractors communicate and connect.

If you’re like us, we believe most people don’t really understand and appreciate what chiropractors do and the value we really offer. Historically, we had the excuse that ‘we just can’t afford to get our message out to the public’ through the mainstream media so we chose to ‘educate the public one spine at a time.’ We did the best we could with the limited resources we had…

Social media has changed everything forever…

Thanks to iPhones, iPads and Facebook the world is more connected than ever. Ideas spread around the world like viruses at the speed of light.

Chiropractors now have an unprecedented opportunity to share chiropractic worldwide.

The question isn’t ‘does social media work?’ The question is ‘do you know how to use social media?’

It’s time to end Chiro Social Media illiteracy…

It doesn’t matter whether you want to change the world, serve more people or make more money the solution to all three comes down to how well you are able communicate your story and connect your story with others. That’s it…

It’s our belief that if more people in your community knew who you are, what you really do and why you do it, your practice would be as busy as you’d like it to be.

It’s also our belief that until your community knows who you are, what you really do and why you do it, practice will be a struggle and you’ll always feel threatened by outside forces such as insurance companies, the medical profession and new health care policies.

Social Media, specifically Facebook allows you to share your ideas with the world without the traditional barriers of mainstream media. Revolutions are occuring around the world because of social media and people’s ability to connect with each other quickly and easily. Now’s your time…

Welcome to the evolution…

Here’s the plan

1. It’s time to take 100% responsibility for getting your message out to your community. That means it’s time to evolve from believing that your job is to ‘educate the public about chiropractic’ to a focus on sharing your own personal chiropractic story and connecting with people in your community who already believe what you believe.

2. It’s time to embrace Facebook as your practices’ primary communication system and referral network. Use it to share your personal chiropractic story and make it easy for people to share you with others.


Because if you don’t, how will people ever ‘get it?’ If you don’t, you’ll continue to exist at the mercy of other more resourceful, influential and powerful interest groups.

Because if you do, you will once and for all gain control of your destiny and people will finally have access to the truth about what you do. And when they know your truth, they’ll be happy to pay for it…

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