First Adjustment Seminars 2015

First Adjustment Seminars 2015



St. Louis: Oct 3 & 4

Dallas: Oct 17 & 18


Who better to guide you in building your family practice to its fullest potential than Dr. Claudia Anrig, originator of the first Pediatric Seminars for Chiropractors? Only Dr. Claudia can give you the DEPTH you need in these critical disciplines: ACADEMIC, TECHNIQUE and CLINICAL!

For over 25 years Dr. Claudia Anrig has earned an unparalleled reputation for her academic, technical and clinical approach to developing family wellness practices.

And now, with First Adjustment, you can benefit from the Family Practice model that Dr. Claudia built from her vast experience in personally adjusting hundreds of patients and their families every week.

You’ll get practical, hands-on tools and proven techniques from one of the best teachers worldwide that will have you ready to put into practice on Monday everything you’ve learned over one convenient weekend.

With First Adjustment, you’ll discover how to adapt your existing techniques to produce an immediate response from families, in your numbers and in your development as a doctor who is in healthy balance.

Each seminar delivers the deeper, more meaningful substance you need to confidently run a true family practice, to see families in groups, to use new evaluation skills, and to start a journey for each child and family with that very First Adjustment.




How using Science increases your confidence and ability to communicate the important “why” children need chiropractic care for every stage of life.



A motivating segment of imperative information for today’s practice:

  • Consultation and History Intake for a subluxation based practice
  • Chiropractic spinal examination
  • Importance of re-examinations
  • Personal Injury care for the pregnant and child patient
  • Moving to a cash program that gives you freedom to live your commitment


Learn how to care for and apply common related issues:

  • Adjusting Protocols using the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System
  • Nutritional recommendations to support patient needs
  • Lifestyle recommendations to become the lifestyle resource every patient needs to help make better choices
  • Using positive results based to improve patient retention and increase referrals


Get the skills to develop your practice from within:

  • Learn how to develop the wellness practice of the future by engaging women to start early with healthier decisions
  • Get important, motivating suggestions for keeping mothers healthy at every stage of Pre-Natal and Post-Natal care
  • Powerful insights into the advanced work developed by Dr. Anrig and endorsed by Dr. Larry Webster, the Grandfather of Pediatric Chiropractic:
    • The authentic work of Larry Webster as developed by him and, with his permission, embraced only by two instructors during his lifetime
    • Learn specific Chiropractic adjustments with the Breech, Facial/Brow and Transverse Lie positions
    • Understand how the sacral subluxation can contribute to In-Utero Constraint and its devastating effects on the newborn


Learn to engage your community into your educational practice by developing your alliances with like-minded professionals:

  • Who is your right community tribe and how to reach them
  • How to use education as the premise for every internal or external decision you make
  • Be provided with Monday start-up education

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Day 2 is a unique opportunity to be one of 40 doctors to have a four-hour hands-on workshop covering infant to young child adjusting. Roll up your sleeves, bring your baby dolls and let’s get your hands practicing palpation and set-ups for your Monday morning practice. Dr. Claudia can bring you more tools for your technique toolbox.



  • How to perform a light examination using the distal end of your fingertips
  • Specific contact and line of drive
  • Specific upper cervical care – condyle and atlas
  • Full spine care – utilizing a short-lever technique for improved clinical outcomes

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