Epic Impact 2015

Epic Impact 2015


Please join David and I at his upcoming Epic Impact event. It will be a great time to come hang out and get the inside scoop of the very latest… I look forward to seeing you there :) Early Bird Rates are in effect now through August 24!

San Diego, CA Oct. 7-11, 2015 Come discover the ultimate “Family-Focused Practice” Strategies some of the World’s Most Successful Chiropractic Experts Are Using RIGHT NOW to experience massive growth.

BUT, the solution to doubling or tripling a family practice is not what you think… epic impact

At Epic Impact 2015, you will not only discover ground-breaking tactics and strategies in building an outstanding Family Focused Practice, but also learn how to supercharge your practice because you are living an “EPIC Life” while doing it.

You see, this year’s event will be like none other and will be held at the private island resort of “Paradise Point” in San Diego.  The event will be so grand we have not ONLY bought a block of rooms, WE BOUGHT OUT MOST OF RESORT.  We have been able to negotiate unprecedented room rates for you.  The resort has plenty of fun activities for you, the whole family, and your team.

Why?   Because your team and family are one of the most important factors in a successful family practice and living an outstanding life for you, the Doc.  We know that, we have experienced that, we live that, and we can tell you from a position of strength that it is achievable and level you could not have imagined.  So we are making sure we incorporate that into this year’s event.

In this 4- or 2-day event, you will have the rare opportunity to hear from world class doctors, speakers, and business masters who will share with you their transformative secrets and strategies to a family practice, while building the personal lifestyle you might have never imagined.

If you want to set in motion a revitalized new path to discovery, then be sure to join us and bring your family and team for this once in a lifetime event because there is more to a great practice than what is behind your office front door.

And equally important is the dedication and full day sessions specifically designed for your CA team with our industry expert trainers like Brandi MacDonald.  This event will transform your team into an efficient and confident powerhouse that will allow you to work on your practice and not just in it.

Make no mistake: You NEED to attend this event!

No matter how many conferences you’ve attended, how many courses you’ve taken or how much you know about the so called “super-successful chiropractic gurus”…no matter where you are in the growth curve of your practice: This is an absolute “must.”

This is the ONLY way for you to get practical, hands-on, real-world, live in action, results certain help in actually IMPLEMENTING the very latest secrets of 2015’s techniques and strategies.

Things change, times change, and practice-growing strategies change with technology and discoveries.  That’s why as a special add on we are including a full Thursday on marketing and social media tactics with expert Matt Loop and other growth strategists.

You will see live, on stage, real examples of how the best family practice strategies are applied.  You will watch first-hand how the best of the best are actually doing it, on the equipment they use, with the materials they use, with the scripts and tools they use.  ALL LIVE and in action!

AND, in addition to your family having fun at the private island resort, they will also get to be part of specially designed sessions for spouses and kids that help support you in your career and build a BETTER FAMILY PRACTICE while increasing an incredible lifestyle.  Because to build a great family practice, you should have a great family life!

Not sure this is for you?  We will make it easy for you to decide…

We are so certain about the power of this program we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.  If this is your first Epic Impact event, oh my goodness, you will be treated to an experience of a lifetime. After you attend the event if you don’t agree with the power of this community, information, results for you and your team, just ask and we will write you a check before you leave.

Now there is no excuse, and you have every reason for you, your family, and your team to join us for some fun…more than a little inspiration…and a whole lot of sensational success strategies.

Come be a part of the grandest event the Impact team has ever produced.


Do Your CAs Have the WHY to Make Your Practice Fly?

Do Your CAs Have the WHY to Make Your Practice Fly?

Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence

Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence