Do Your CAs Have the WHY to Make Your Practice Fly?

Do Your CAs Have the WHY to Make Your Practice Fly?


How well do your CAs understand chiropractic philosophy? There is a huge difference between it making sense and being empowered to educate patients and people in the community. Think about the benefits to your practice that come when CAs truly grasp the philosophy of chiropractic:

  • Higher retention
  • More referrals
  • Better compliance
  • Increased collections

While most CAs are great at the details dotting those I’s and crossing those T’s do they pay enough attention to the Y’s? In other words, WHY chiropractic care? Do they get the big idea? You may have taught your team about the power and majesty of the chiropractic adjustment, but you’re rarely a prophet in your own land. Luckily there is a tremendous opportunity for your team to learn from someone amazing in our profession.

Dr. Brian Kelly, President of Life Chiropractic College West, will be presenting August’s A.C.E. Program course for chiropractic teams: “Chiropractic Philosophy for CAs.” This one-hour presentation is available online in both video and audio format, so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them as often as they need 24/7 NOW until the end of the month. Not only will this presentation re-ignite your team’s passion,  but it also includes potential action steps to put philosophy into action to help build your practice. 

If you can see that it’s worth way more than an hour investment in time and the tuition of just $147 for your entire team to participate if you register as an A.C.E. member (or $227 for August only), then I urge you to register for this course today at sooner you register, the longer you will have access to this month’s online course 24/7.

BONUS: Your team will also have complimentary access to 4 additional archived presentations on Chiropractic Philosophy for CAs with various chiropractic leaders.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment optionsclick to see your registration options. For any other questions about the A.C.E. Program, please visit: FAQ.

IF YOU’RE NOT HAPPY, I’M NOT HAPPY: If after participating in your first course, you decide that it wasn’t worth the price you paid, you’ll get your entire tuition back. There’s nothing to lose. Just notify Kim in writing within 7 days.

Now is a fabulous time to join! September’s topic is: “Office Systems that Maximize Flow of Patients and Profit.” Click to view a schedule of all A.C.E. Program core topics. Plus, CAs who participate in all 14 core topics receive A.C.E. Program certification.

Rather than being overwhelmed at a weekend seminar, your team can focus on just one fundamental topic each month and identify their action steps for growth. Plus, your CAs will complete an A.C.E. Journal each month so that you can hold them accountable for their commitments.

This effective CA Coaching is just $147 for your entire office per month. Plus, the tuition includes the “Members Only” online Synergy Forum where your CAs can connect with other CAs to find out what other offices are doing to continually grow. Your CAs can access literally thousands of years of CA experience! This mastermind service is included with membership and is extremely valuable. Your CA’s questions will be answered…not only about this month’s topic, but about any issue that your office is currently facing…what is that worth? Join today.

PLUS: the monthly tuition also covers any one-on-one Q&A with Kim and/or Dr. Tom Klapp (in successful practice since 1980) that you need.

Membership in the A.C.E. Program is a no-brainer. Your CAs will become motivated and skilled at increasing the success of your practice. In addition, there are no hidden fees: no administrative fees, no cancellation fees, no duration requirements. You may cancel your A.C.E. membership at any time with just 15 days written notice. You stay and pay only as long as you’re happy with the return on your investment.

Your team will get lots of practical information with tools for easy implementation…you’ll see profitable results.


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