Pop Quiz: Is Your Staff Your Greatest Stressor or Asset?

Pop Quiz: Is Your Staff Your Greatest Stressor or Asset?


Of course your CAs should be the greatest asset of your practice.

They have considerably more interaction opportunities with your patients. It’s critical how they represent you, chiropractic, your vision and mission of your practice.

However, all too often the calls I get from doctors involve complaints about staff.

>> Read though these scenarios to determine if you could benefit from team-building:

1. When you get home from the office, how do you feel about your CAs?
(a) Stressed
(b) Grateful
(c) Great–thanks to a couple martinis
2. Is the attitude of your team…
(a) Attracting more patients to your practice
(b) Repelling patients from your office
(c) No clue—thanks to a couple martinis
3. When you encounter an issue with a CA, you…
(a) Rant and rave at the front desk
(b) Deal with it appropriately based on your written personnel policy
(c) Ignore it, hoping it will resolve itself
4. You determine that you have a CA on your team with an irreparable negative attitude, so you…
(a) Quarantine the CA to the back office, hoping to prevent a “staff infection”
(b) Make room on your team for a new positive CA
(c) Incorporate martinis into your lunch routine
5. Your team meetings…
(a) Are negative venting sessions that everyone hates
(b) Are positive and productive that yield a great return on investment
(c) Are non-existent because they appear to cost too much
6. When you assign a task…
(a) Your CA drops the ball and makes excuses
(b) Your CA completes it before the deadline and reports back to you
(c) No clue, as you have no system for accountability or follow-through


While I know you wouldn’t really turn to martinis (especially at lunch), there are way too many team situations that doctors do not properly confront.

Ignoring staff issues allows them to continue, and you find yourself starting a sentence with, “This is the third time my CA (arrived late, ran out of supplies, forgot to…).” It also builds resentment and stress, which have no place in a chiropractic practice.

Why put up with sub-standard staff when the right CAs can actually build your practice?

Excellent customer service skills actually attract more patients to your office. We constantly get raves about our caring and friendly team. Imagine the difference that CAs who are focused on continual growth could make in your practice.

January's A.C.E. Chiro-Team Course is “Team-Building that Builds Your Practice.” This one-hour video presentation is available online, so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them as often as they need 24/7 NOW until the end of the month.

Your CAs will be motivated to help build your practice when they understand what a huge difference they can make.

Since I’ve run Dr. Tom's chiropractic office since 1995 in Michigan, I really do know what works–and what doesn’t. In this one-hour presentation (all you
need is a computer…no travel expenses), I will be teaching:

• How to run a positive, productive and growth oriented team meeting
• Making sure you have the right CAs on your team
• How to hold your team accountable
• How to avoid “turf wars”
• Creating a win-win bonus system that really works
• Keeping your team on-purpose
• How to empower your CAs to reach practice goals without stress
• Incorporating visualization to reach practice goals
• Empowering your CAs to handle conflict
• Avoiding mis-communications that create stress
• Getting rid of office drama

PLUS: the monthly tuition also covers any one-on-one Q&A with Kim and/or Dr. Tom Klapp (in successful practice since 1980) that you need.

Membership in the A.C.E. Program is a no-brainer. Your CAs will become motivated and skilled at increasing the success of your practice. In addition, there are no hidden fees: no administrative fees, no cancellation fees, no duration requirements. 

Your team will get lots of practical information with tools for easy implementation…you’ll see profitable results. Register now!


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