Facebook Success Tip #5: Post Photos and Videos to Your Timeline

Facebook Success Tip #5: Post Photos and Videos to Your Timeline

Why photos and videos to your Facebook page? Because they’re proven to be the most engaging types of content! Maximize your Facebook reach right from the start!

Posting pictures or videos to your timeline is very simple:


If you're trying to get more engagement and build your Facebook following, a picture is worth a thousand words. Did you know that posts that include pictures get shown more in the news feeds of your fans? You may even want to consider branding your photos so everyone that sees your picture knows it originated from you.  

Adding pictures is one of the best ways to build engagement because an interesting image will make your post stand out. Pictures are clear and concise and are easily digestible to the mind.


Ways to Increase Engagement With Facebook Image Posts:

Share Real People

Facebook is the ultimate photo album – a living, breathing, interactive portfolio that can be shared instantly. We know you’ve got loads of satisfied patients. Make sure others know it too. Snap a picture with a satisfied patient and tag them so their friends and family know about your practice.

Be Brief

When posting pictures, keep the captions short and sweet. In most cases, the picture will do the talking for you.


Encourage Short Responses

Most people don’t have the time, energy, or desire to provide lengthy responses to complicated questions. But if they can comment in just a few short seconds, there’s a higher likelihood that they will. By asking simple questions that require just one or two word responses, you are sure to increase engagement.


Create Image Galleries

Are you having an event? Uploading several photos in one Facebook post creates an image gallery with smaller thumbnails. These smaller thumbnails beg fans to click to see the images enlarged, thus creating multiple engagement points on a single Facebook post.


Drive more traffic to your page with your Facebook videos

Like pictures, videos are also a great way to pump up engagement on your practice’s page.


Inspire Your Facebook Fans

Many people are seeking inspiration and connection on Facebook. So when you post a video to your page, be aware that inspirational videos are much better at engaging your fans than a straight sales pitch.


Educate Your Audience

Does your community know the chiropractic story? You can post videos that educate people about chiropractic as a lifestyle and power of nature. You can share posture tips, nutrition advice, stretching videos...the possibilities are endless.


Be Entertaining

People go on Facebook to have fun. But that doesn’t mean you have to post cat videos or something completely off-topic just to get their attention. Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company.


Use the “Watch Video” Call-to-Action

If you’ve created a video for your business, be sure to draw your Facebook audience to it with the “Watch Video” call-to action button.


Boost Video Views With an Ad

Consider giving your video an extra boost with a Facebook ad. For a small amount, a Facebook ad will place your video into more people’s newsfeed.

Try these simple ways to increase the engagement with your Facebook page. Go ahead, share those great pics of you and your happy patients.

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